Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Miracle Water Speed Up Healing of Wounds

It's nothing short of a miracle.

"A California company has figured out how to use two simple materials -- water and salt -- to create a solution that wipes out single-celled organisms, and which appears to speed healing of burns, wounds and diabetic ulcers." - WIREDNEWS

The super-oxygenated water, known as Microcyn, is ion-hungry, and thorough osmosis, it ruptures the cell walls of single-celled organisms such as bacteria, viruses and even hard-to-kill spores. People, animals and plants are multicellular organisms, and there's no negative impact on us as the water is prevented from surrounding the cells.

Clinical trials are currently ongoing in various parts of the worlds. Many more applications for it are being explored. I look forward for the day when it's available of the shelf.

It's simply a miracle. All of life is. How can we not be grateful?


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Bonjour! This is such a gooood morning, isn't it? But i've got to delete my posting and write a new one coz i didn't really feel good about it;p... IRONIC!


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