Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another New Year's Resolution

OK, three days have gone into 2006, and I've just thought of my new year's resolution. Better late than never, right?

So here it goes. Now that I've created myself 9 different blogs in 2005, my new year's resolution is to maintain most of them regularly. He! He! Then again, since time is relative, how would one define 'regularly?'

Why on earth did I create 9 blogs is beyond me. I suppose the plethora of available web utilities enables easy creation of blogs, but not necessarily of updating them. I've seen some blogs being automatically updated with junks. They have no real value, except that they have daily updated contents which search engines love to crawl and bring traffic to.

My dream job is to be an independent professional blogger. That job means surfing the web majority of the time for something to blog about, and actually writing something whenever I feel like it. I don't have to worry about the morning traffic, and there's no boss I need to answer to. I could be in my pyjamas from dawn till dusk, and continue in that state of nirvana until the next dawn.

Unfortunately, than won't happen anytime soon as the amount of money I earn online is nowhere near what I get from my 9-5 job. :( At the rate I'm going now, I would be an amateur blogger until the day I retire. Hopefully by then, my blogging skills would be harnessed enough to actually earn me some real dosh.

In the mean time, I hope 12 months from now, I could look back and say, "Hey, I have 9 regularly updated blogs." Wishful thinking, huh? Should I think of another resolution for the new year, then?


At 5:47 PM, Blogger Raymond said...

Hi Camus,

Let me help you with generating traffic on at least one of your blogs ;)

First of all let me wish you a very happy, healthy and tranquil 2006 where you and your loved ones realise your dreams and hopes...

Indeed... it is perhaps a crazy thing to create 9 blogs but maybe theres a cat somewhere to be found in that reason... Anyway now that you have them you have to keep them alive man....

I only have 2 blogs and come nowhere near updating them... I think it must be at least 3 months since the last update. Perhaps its the fact that (almost) nobody reads them (in my case) except friends and family... perhaps its just that I didnt have anything interesting to write about... perhaps AGH whatever the reason.

One of my resolutions will be (as of today): learn to accept the fact that you dont always have something to share, but when you have something share it even if nobody is listening...

Keep well,



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