Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Taking the Train to Tanah Merah

Cec and I, together with her mom and dad, are on the 9:40pm Antarabandar (Intercity) train heading to Tanah Merah for a kenduri. We boarded it from the small Rembau station which was five minutes away from their place.

Cec and her family waiting for the train

On the train, we met Farid, Umar and their families who boarded the train from KLSentral and Kajang. We were then joined by Bakhtiar (Cec's brother) and his family together with the usual Melaka gang. Cec was so happy to see her one year old niece, Anis.

Anis and her dad, Bakhtiar

Our next stop is Gemas, where the coaches to Kelantan will be pulled north by a different engine. I hope I'll get a GPRS connection then so that I could post this entry.

That's us enjoying the ride

Trying to get some sleep ...

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