Monday, March 27, 2006

Know Thyself and Realize the Truth

While the concept of 'owning our emotions' or 'choosing happiness' is easy to grasp, when we are confronted with emotional challenges, more often than not, we fumble and we give in to the demands of our negative emotions. It seems that when we are hurt, feeling down or being sad is a natural thing to do; When we are angered, we'd feel justified to retaliate back with rage and we are convinced that it will right all the wrongs that have been committed.

Nothing is further from the truth. We are precious spiritual beings made up of love and light. Joy is our natural state of being. Anything that is not joyful, and not of love and light, is not who we really are.

Sadness, anger, jealousy, frustrations and various representations of negative emotions are not ours but external energies that temporarily find a dwelling place in within us. They are here only for a short visit, but sometimes they feel overwhelming and we often confuse the energies as our own being. And we further compound the mistakes by letting the unwanted visitors to take ownership of our emotional and intellectual faculties.

Thus, nothing could be more important to one's emotional and spiritual growth than the need to "know thyself." To realize who we really are, what are we made of, where did we come from, where we are going to and why are we here, is the basis of our fulfilled and joyful life.

Only with that realization would we see the dramas in our lives as they truly are, nothing more than life dramas to be experienced and enjoyed and not to be frown upon and resisted. Armed with the most powerful and fundamental realizations, nothing could ever sway us from our true and natural state of being: In perfect peace and joy.


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