Monday, April 17, 2006

Can Feeling Good Lead to Financial Prosperity?

I'm gonna experiment a bit on how I could utilize the 'feel good' principles into the financial world.

Soon, I will start trading foreign exchange (or forex, for short) and see if my internal spiritual state would be reflected in the results of the trading that I do. Elements of emotional control, clarity of mind, courage and other self-improvements criteria are pre-requisite to becoming a successful trader.

Thus, there's no point writing about spirituality if I can't reflect that in the physical realm.

Read the 'Diary of a Novice Forex Trader' to follow my adventures on the forex trading floor. And wish me lots of luck for I sure need plenty of them.


At 5:54 PM, Blogger Little Ms D said...

heya camus

thanks for coming by. am going to follow up with our chat last year with you sometime next month. can ah? no lah, it was very interesting, but then you got married etc etc. you know miyot - swipe my number off of him.

see you soon!


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