Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Going to See Star Wars Ep. III

I've been up for over 33 hours now, and I'm feeling a bit like a zombie. I submitted our tender proposal at 11:30am. Went to KLCC to buy the 5pm show for Star Wars. I just arrived at the kids place after having a short meeting with a client to discuss his upcoming IT project.

They were already dressed up ready to go, but I told them I needed to take a short nap before we go out. I really don't want to fall asleep in the cinema.

Lisa was surfing the net, visiting Star Wars websites. She has seen Ep. III with her friend over the weekend, but she liked it so much, she doesn't mind going again. I'm glad that they're into Star Wars. I've been a big fan since I was a little kid.

Joey was showing me his dance moves for his pre-school concert. Unlike me, he got the moves. He then made a silly joke, "Daddy, what's the sexiest animal?" And for the sake of answering I just blurted out, "Zebra?" without knowing why. "Yes," he said. "Bukak zip, nampak bra!" ;)

When I was in the shower, Joey snapped a picture of Lisa playing with my PDA. Notice the stylus-free style. :)

They posed for a few shots on the way to TGV.

We stopped by Video EZ to get a couple of VCDs.

Joey wasn't sure what to get.


At 12:05 AM, Blogger chech_mak said...

Remember Hitch's client who moves to his grooves- with no rules attached? That's super cool;)


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