Sunday, June 12, 2005

5 Days to Go

We went to Dataran Senawang, near Seremban, to try out the songket costumes rented from the mak andam for the wedding. She was not around when we arrived, so we waited for her in a restaurant several doors away. They served excellent bubur nasi. So, if you ever end up in Dataran Senawang, do try out the bubur nasi at Restoran Sri Salak.

After Cec finished her bowl, we noticed a business in the middle of the car park renting out mini bikes for kids. The two-wheelers look exactly like the superbikes, only smaller in size and meant for kids. They blocked the entrance to the car park and turned the place into a small circuit.

Zie, the mak andam arrived around half an hour later. They just came back from one of the many kenduris during the school holidays. Their shop is trendy and cozy, complete with a sofa set which came in handy for the guys to hang around while waiting for the ladies to finish their business. ;)

I tried out the baju songket, and it fitted nicely. I thought baju songket would be uncomfortable to put on, but thanks to the lining inside, it didn't feel too bad.

Cec took bit longer with her fitting which gave me the time to update my blog. :)


At 7:46 PM, Blogger CestmoiCK said... sweet. Have fun getting ready for the big day, guys! :)

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Angel Eyes said...

Whoa.. *wink*

I have to agree with CK.. it's really sooo sweet!

Can't wait to see your wedding pics then!

All the very best ya! :)

At 4:44 PM, Blogger tukangtaip said...

Wow look at the way the mini mat rempit lipat!


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