Friday, June 30, 2006

Life is Just Great!

My, my, my. I haven't been blogging in ages. Not a single blog entry in the past couple of months. My bad, huh? Work has been mounting, and I was also having a roller-coaster ride trading the forex market.

Well, no excuse really. It was pure laziness. Or should I say, I was enjoying other aspects of life way too much, and I left all my blogs in the rut.

So, some good news. I've lost at least 10kg, and I could now comfortable fit into my size 33 jeans. I'd like to shed another 10kg, and tighten the waist to around 31. With my current low level desire for food now, I guess I could get to my goals.

There are a bunch of other great news. Chech is graduating from her 6-month DPA course. Our relationship is taking on a new level now as we've gotten to know each other a whole lot better. We'll be moving to a bigger place soon (anything larger than the room we are renting will be definitely bigger! :) ). I've gotten a lot of training and experiences in forex trading and will be embarking on an automated strategy. One of the companies I helped to set up is getting a multi-million ringgit award soon. Lisa and Joey are doing well in their studies (Joey scored straight A's and Lisa did very well in her mid-year exam).

Life is just great. And I am eternally grateful. I have nothing else to say, but 'Thank you!'