Monday, April 17, 2006

Can Feeling Good Lead to Financial Prosperity?

I'm gonna experiment a bit on how I could utilize the 'feel good' principles into the financial world.

Soon, I will start trading foreign exchange (or forex, for short) and see if my internal spiritual state would be reflected in the results of the trading that I do. Elements of emotional control, clarity of mind, courage and other self-improvements criteria are pre-requisite to becoming a successful trader.

Thus, there's no point writing about spirituality if I can't reflect that in the physical realm.

Read the 'Diary of a Novice Forex Trader' to follow my adventures on the forex trading floor. And wish me lots of luck for I sure need plenty of them.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Flow of Life

Life would feel most joyful when everything goes your way, right? When everything just flows and fits into your plan, I believe there's nothing more we would need to ask for, correct?

Here's a secret to life that not many would realize: Life's greatest desire is to always flow our way and grant our every wish. But here's the problem; We don't exactly know WHAT we want and WHY we want what we want. And we change our minds every so often that life receives mixed signals of our real intentions. How could we then expect life to flow our way when we ourselves are not that clear of what is the way?

So, take a moment and ask yourself, what do you really want in life. Clarify your goals and write them down. Find out why you want what you want. Don't be concerned with how, when or where, because these would be life's part to fulfill. And if you are worried about the how, when and where, you are setting up the resistance within yourself and you are resisting the natural flow of life wanting to fulfill your desires.

Wake up every morning and reaffirm your goals. Be grateful knowing that life IS flowing your way. Gratitude is a major key ingredient in allowing life to take its natural path.

The whole universe naturally response to our every conscious or unconscious desire. The origin of all the 'bad' things in this world comes from our negative desires, in the forms of our thoughts, emotions and will, be that conscious or unconscious. And vice versa, all the 'good' things happening around us stem from our positive desires.

So if we really want to make this world a better place, never look out there and point fingers at life (which is just doing its job to naturally grant our wishes), but look within ourselves and wish for only the best for everybody so that life would gracefully flow bringing peace and joy for all of humanity.

Granted that it could be a while before this mass consciousness would uplift every single soul on this physical earth. But within every soul contains its own universe, and if you are truly at peace with yourself, you're already living in the ideal world. The world is already perfect for you. Not to say that you would be oblivious to what's happening in the world, but you'd be looking at life with a better realization of what is actually going on and you would be more empowered to take better control of your own reactive thoughts and emotions.

With a grateful heart and a joyful soul, you would finally realize that you already have what you've always wanted and that there's nothing more that you actually need. You are at peace. And life is flowing your way.