Saturday, August 20, 2005

Kacang Batik Lemak Manis

My sister Mahani who lives in Raub introduced "Kacang Goreng Sempalit" to us. I've never tasted any roasted groundnut as delicious as this one before. Highly recommended if you ever pass by Raub. I have yet to notice them on the supermarket shelves.

Roasted Striped Groundnut: Notice the batik patterns?

Kacang Goreng Sempalit

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dragon Fruit for Dinner.

I'm trying to shed some excess weight. :) Yesterday Cec's dad gave us some dragon fruits which he bought from Kuala Pilah. The color is deep purple and they taste ... hmmm ... heavenly.

After two slices, I'm still feeling a bit hungry. Gonna have some bananas and apples in while.

By the way, it has been 40 days now since I had my last cigarette. I'm feeling really healthy now. Just need to get regular exercises, and I should be on the right track.